No one does a ‘plus one’ like Virgin TV

This campaign was a 360-degree Red Carpet Live experience – essentially it was about sharing awards love with TV superfans. It was groundbreaking and I was tasked with designing all the assets from icons and dialogue boxes 

to the main user facing page and holding pages. This collaboration between Virgin Media and the BAFTAs features restrictive guidelines in terms of file sizes and accessibility which meant triple checking all this was key.


  • 360 UI Elements
  • Image Retouching
  • Landing Page Design
  • Holding Page Design

Awards & Mentions

  • DMA Silver Best digital experience

  • DMA Silver Best customer journey

  • DMA Bronze Utilities and telecommunications

The results

Awards superfans were enthralled. The campaign generated 21.5 million impressions, 6 million video views and 1.9 million engagements, equating to a 34% increase on the previous year’s activity.

Users viewed a total of 1,114 hours of the live-stream red carpet experience, despite it only being live for an hour. Adoption of new sponsorship packages and 100% share-of-voice takeover products ensured Virgin was at the heart of BAFTA conversation.


Million video views


Million engagements


Million Impressions